Ferguson & Your Church: A Plea for Building Cross-Cultural Community (Pt. 1)

  The whole world is following the tragic events that have unfolded in Ferguson, MO. Yet another young man has died, due in part to the suspicions raised by his […]

Meet Liz and Matt

Liz and I are pleased to call Grace Mosaic home and are excited to have joined officially in July! A little bit about us:  Liz is from the great state […]

Travis Drake and Esther Adams

Meet Travis

Over the past year, I’ve felt God calling me to pursue a ministry of restoration and renewal for hearts, lives and cities.   I see that coming to life through the […]

Jesus's crown of thorns

Jesus who gave it all

A powerful list of Christ’s love and work for us all — may this news burn in our hearts. “That Christ should love man when he was most unlovely, that […]

What is Grace?

One of the often used words around a church is the word “grace.” This word is used in many ways and sometimes said with little recognition to how grand the […]

Ideas for engaging in the Arts

The arts surround us and fill our  minds with edifying thoughts, open our eyes to in-justices, and bring us beauty in the snapshots of the human experience. On Sunday Jan5, […]

(Video) Advent: God Get’s His Family Back

Advent: The King Moves In

Advent: Looking Back, Looking Forward

We have officially entered one of the most significant seasons in the Christian calendar: Advent. For the next few weeks we would like to share some reflections on how this […]

Welcome to Grace Mosaic!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new video blog! We hope that it is helpful and informative for getting to know our community and what we are […]

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