Behaviorism: Justification by Socialization

Growing up around all of my cousins provided many opportunities for fun…and getting into trouble. Once we were busted for bad behavior, a barrage of phrases would come pouring out […]

Pure Religion

The Bible uses many different images to convey the character of God and his designs for restoring the world. Among those pictures, few are as profoundly moving and life changing […]

graduation at stanford

Intellectualism: Justification by Education.

Few things are as exalted in American culture as education. “You gotta get that education” was a slogan in my house growing up. Education is viewed as the key to […]

stylish zombies

Walking Dead are Emailing

Like an aisle in Costco, there have been many super-sized choices of zombie entertainment in the last decade. This fascination with zombie themed movies fascinates me. I honestly don’t get […]

Classism: Justification by Civilization

The airport was jam packed. It was the week of Thanksgiving and I was trying to make my flight home for the holidays. After making my way through the airport, […]

Control Freak: Justification by Administration

Parenting will expose the “real you” in a heartbeat. You think you have your stuff together!? I have two kids that I can loan you to help bring you back […]

The Gospel Vs. Religion

Pastor Tim Keller points out the main differences between the Gospel and Religion in his book, Center Church: Religion: I obey, therefore I’m accepted. The Gospel: I’m accepted, therefore I […]

Russ at Redeemer Seminary

In the news at Redeemer Seminary

Check out a recent write-up on The Whitfields and the church plant’s mission. Here’s and excerpt: While sharing the gospel on the streets of New York City I realized that […]

Chris Baldwin/Courtesy of the Hodges

Young man “follows-that-car” and God happens

I am no longer surprised that God is so active in the lives of people, but I do delight in the way He surprises folks when He enters into their […]

Pastor Whitfield and Conner

Meet Conor

Conor is a man around DC and the world, doing typical things like kicking soccer balls and learning latin. Less typical, standing by a metal can smoking meat for dozens […]

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