By God’s design, each and every one of us was made to live a connected life- connected to God and connected to other people. We were designed in such a way that God and other people are not just nice additions to our lives, but absolute necessities for our thriving and fulfillment of our life’s purpose. Joy only reaches its pinnacle once we’ve shared it with somebody else. Pain is all the more excruciating when we have to endure it alone. Connecting is at the foundation of becoming who we were meant to be.

other people are not just nice additions to our lives, but absolute necessities for our thriving

At Grace Mosaic, the importance of connection shapes the way in which we think about everything, but especially spirituality and ministry. Our goal is not to “do a lot of stuff” and pull off a lot of programming so that we can pat ourselves on the back for “what we’ve done in our neighborhood” (Our neighborhoods are probably better off without depersonalizing programs). This approach tends to give a false sense of accomplishment and often means very little to the neighborhood.

Instead, our goal is to keep it simple, but genuine- full of life, but not “busy”.  God’s work in our neighborhoods didn’t begin with us and it will not end with us. We view ourselves as grateful participants in the work that God is already doing. We aim to be relational, faithful, “real,” and present in the lives of our neighbors and our church community over the long run. We want to be people oriented and accessible, not program oriented and attractional. Everything in our ministry will be directed toward the end of loving God and loving people well. So, we welcome you to join our community! Whether you join a ministry team, the men’s or women’s group, or come out to a barbecue we hope that you will feel free to be who you are and belong in our community. It will be flawed and messy for sure, but this is precisely where God’s grace shines the brightest. For more information on how to get connected to a men’s or women’s group at Grace Mosaic email our administrative assistant, Vanessa Whitfield or meet us on a Sunday morning.

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