September, 2013

How Long Will They Not Believe In Me?


In today’s time everyone wants to feel secure. The feeling of insecurity can be devastating. For some the sense of insecurity is occasional, yet for others it’s an every day […]

What Is In Your Hand?


In this generation, many people are saturated with praise, regularly reminded of how “special” they are. Others have never received much praise from anyone and have a deep sense of […]

Where Is Your Brother?


In our age and culture, most people think it is a good idea to be considerate of the people around them, but they do not consider themselves to be truly […]

Where Are You?


Many people have questions for God or about God. These questions often prove to be barriers to entering Christian community or points of frustration in our spiritual journey. But what […]

A Worshipping Community


As we wrap up our series in Ephesians 2:11–22, we discuss the final characteristic of a community that matters: worship. Because of the finished work of Jesus Christ, the church […]


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