May, 2014

The Lord and the Lowly


Can you think of a time when you’re faced with a task of service you don’t want to do? How often do we overlook or simply reject opportunities to serve […]

Life Through Death


Through out his gospel, John has been making a case for belief in Jesus Christ. Through many different images and teachings, Jesus has emerged as the rescuer for the whole […]

Responding to Jesus


It is significant that, after telling of the raising of Lazarus from the dead, John also captures the response of the family. We are invited in this passage to consider […]

The Resurrection and the Life


Many of us have been confronted with death. Maybe you’ve lost a loved one and have felt the anguish and emptiness of no longer having that person around. Maybe you’ve […]

The Keeping Shepherd


As the sheep of God’s flock, we have to be aware of predators who are dressed in sheep’s clothing. Thieves who are plotting to devour us, to separate us from […]


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