June, 2014

From Sorrow To Joy


As you read through the story of the Bible, you don’t really see God’s people soaring through life untouched by problems. Rather, you find God’s people following him in the […]

Love One Another


There are many people today who are annoyed by Christians and want nothing to do with church- and for justifiable reasons! Many Christians spend the bulk of their time trying […]

Abide In Me


God’s plan for his people has always been that they bear fruit. Fruitfulness is the sign of healthy spirituality. But what exactly does it mean to be fruitful? In this […]

Obedient Love


As followers of Christ how often do we find ourselves not loving others, lacking patience, casting judgement, feeling separated from God? In those moments what does faith made visible look […]

The Way, The Truth, The Life


We live in a time where high stress and anxiety are common place. So many people are just weighed down with life. Some people have experienced trauma, while others experience […]


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