June, 2016

A Brand New Freedom


Americans talk a lot about freedom. It is one of our highest values. But for all of our talk about freedom, we seem to experience quite a bit of enslavement […]

A Brand New Life


We all long for something brand new. The gospel tells us we were made for newness and wholeness and that in Jesus Christ, we can have it. Not because of […]

Expanding the Kingdom


The events of Acts 16 remind us that the gospel is good news for all of life’s seasons and for all people. It is good news in times of rejoicing […]

Perseverance, Pt. 3


In this continuation of last week’s look at Hebrews 12, the author moves to discussing the Christian life as being a little a boxing match. In that match, our enemy […]

Perseverance, Pt. 2


The author of Hebrews says the Christian life is like running a race. We have to endure. We have to run our race faithfully. We have to make it to […]

Living For Christ


The Christian life is a calling to walk down a road that leads to glory. However, that road is a hard one, with pressures coming from either side. If you […]


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