Witness and Light


(From 12/2/4/17) Christmas can be a time where we feel empty. We can feel like something is missing and we’re living in the dark. Do you feel that way? John […]

Born to Live


(From 12/17/17) Often Christmas raises the question of our quality of life. Most commercials ask us if we have enough things or the right things in our life? But if […]

Word in a Manger


Duke Kwon on John 1:1-18, from 12/10/17

The Gift of the Lord’s Glorious Grace


Christmas can be a difficult season. It can be filled with hope and joy but it can also be full of sadness and disappointment. We can often hope for things […]

The Method of Mission


As Christians, what shapes the way we bring the gospel to others? We’re often drawn to what seems to work best, what other, ‘big,’ churches may be doing or whatever […]

The One Jesus Loves


At some level, everybody wrestles with identity challenges. Who am I? Our answer to this question really determines alot about the way we think and live. As we close our […]



The apostle Peter had crashed. He had followed Jesus for three years and had many wonderful lessons behind him, but in the crucial moment, he had a massive moral failing. […]

Life In His Name


Sometimes when you are trying to reach an important decision point, it is really helpful to take a step back to review what is at stake and what it means […]

The Cross


What do you do when you feel hopeless? Whether it’s job loss, secret temptation an addiction, in those moments where we feel life’s challenges are too great who do you […]

Behold the Man


At the end of John’s Gospel as the trial of Jesus is portrayed, we get an invitation, ironically spoken from the mouth of the Roman governor, to “Behold the Man!” […]


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