The Prayer


Psalm 67 stands as one of the great prayers of the Old Testament. But some of what it says is surprising and counterintuitive to what we’d expect in a prayer […]

Resisting Rest


There are all sorts of ways we resist rest and all sorts of reasons why we resist it. But resisting rest is not unique to the 21st century or even […]

The Goodness of God


In the midst of a world often marked by trouble, difficulty, pain and suffering, how can we know if God is really good? How can we say God is good […]

The Trustworthiness of God


Is God trustworthy? When life is giving us all we can handle, maybe even more than we handle, will God be there for his people? Psalm 20 invites us into […]

The Glory of God


Scripture tells us that all of life, all we can see, touch, taste and know is from God. But because of sin’s grip on our hearts we’ve lost our grip […]

Waiting with Expectation


When you trust in Jesus Christ, you can look back on definitive, life-changing realities that took place for you in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In Christ, […]

Our Glorious God Who Conquers Our Enemies


Who are your enemies? People at work or school who don’t like you? Those who threaten your safety? How about terrorists? Scripture tells us that our primary enemies are Satan, […]

The Fear of Rejection


One of the scariest things we face is rejection. From the time we are young until we grow old, the fear of rejection effects our lives in significant ways. It’s […]


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