The Questions Of God

“How Can I Give You Up?”


One of the most profound images of God’s relationship to his people is the institution of marriage. God’s refers to his people as his wife. It’s a tangible way of […]

“Will Man Rob God?”


Perhaps one of the most difficult subjects to talk about in the church today is giving. There are many questions, much suspicion, and personal challenges that arise when the topic […]

“What Does The Lord Require Of You?”


The Christian faith can often seem “busy”. Our churches put together lots of programs and in our minds, what God really wants us to do is fill our lives with […]

“Can These Bones Live?”


Many people feel that they are running on empty. It’s as if we’re holding the keys to a car with a dead battery. We’re plagued by external cirumstances that make […]

“Should I Not Have Compassion On That Great City?”


We have a strong tendency to assess other people according to our faulty measurements. All the while, we over emphasize our own exceptionalism. I really am special- more special than […]

“Why Do You Labor For That Which Does Not Satisfy?”


When we hear of something that is offered for free, many of us tend to be cynical. We carry alot of skepticism when we hear of a free offer because […]

Whom Shall I Send?


In the Bible, there are many different words used to describe God. But perhaps the least appreciated and least understood of these descriptive words is “Holy”. There is actually a […]

To Whom Will You Compare Me?


The Power of perspective is so influential that two people can view the same information and process it in two completely different ways. How true is this in today’s time […]

How Long Will They Not Believe In Me?


In today’s time everyone wants to feel secure. The feeling of insecurity can be devastating. For some the sense of insecurity is occasional, yet for others it’s an every day […]

What Is In Your Hand?


In this generation, many people are saturated with praise, regularly reminded of how “special” they are. Others have never received much praise from anyone and have a deep sense of […]

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