The Impact


Jonah 3:1-10 shows us the surprising impact of God’s mission on what was a ruthless and wicked city – Nineveh. In this passage, God sends his prophet to deliver a […]

Knowing God


We’re willing to do a lot in order to get in knowledge in our culture. We’ll spend a lot of money and make big sacrifices to get it because we’re […]

Perseverance, Pt. 2


The author of Hebrews says the Christian life is like running a race. We have to endure. We have to run our race faithfully. We have to make it to […]

Living For Christ


The Christian life is a calling to walk down a road that leads to glory. However, that road is a hard one, with pressures coming from either side. If you […]

The Great Conflict


Cultural Christianity in America is one of the greatest barriers to overcome as it pertains to God’s mission in the U.S. Many people can trace the genesis of their rejection […]



Everybody wants to be productive. We want positive results from our lives. When we put effort into something, we want to be effective. Whether it’s our jobs, our relationships, or […]



In almost every area of life, it’s easy to measure success. In school, report cards tell us how we’re doing. In sports, we count touchdowns, home runs and goals. In […]

A Promise Kept


Every human being lives under some set of promises. The character and direction of your life will be governed by the promises under which you live. In this text, Abraham […]

Shepherds, Why This Jubilee?


People are drawn to major cities to stand out, make a difference, gain notoriety, to be extraordinary. How does this play in our own lives? Are we always rushing to […]

“How Can I Give You Up?”


One of the most profound images of God’s relationship to his people is the institution of marriage. God’s refers to his people as his wife. It’s a tangible way of […]


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