Growing Up Together – Part 2


God’s vision for his church is that we would be a people that stands out, not because of our gifts or talents, but because of the virtues we are wearing. […]

Growing Up Together – Part 1


According to the Christian faith, community is the great context of spiritual growth. There are to be no solo artists or lone rangers in God’s church. If you want to […]

Barriers to Spiritual Growth – Part 4


There are many youtube videos that capture the moment when people with a hearing impairment are enabled to gain their hearing through medical procidures. These videos serve as a great […]

Barriers to Spiritual Growth – Part 3


Millions of tourists stream into Washington, DC every year to take in the many amazing monuments and dynamics of our city. The unfortunate irony is that those of us who […]

Barriers to Spiritual Growth


Have you ever considered the reality that, when it comes to our faith, we are often satisfied with a “bare minimum” spirituality? We are often content with a status quo […]

Growing Up In The Faith


This message kicks off our fall series on growing up in the Christian faith. Even a quick scan of our culture and of our churches reveals the reason why such […]

Wrestling With God


Many of us come to church and get around Christian community looking the part. All of the externals say that we really want to grow in the faith, mature in […]

The Dysfunctional Family


One would think that God would make his case to the world by showing how great and wonderful his people are because they have agreed to his teachings. But this […]

Recognizing Faith


Do you see God as an impersonal force in the heavens or as someone you can have a personal relationship with? How does your view of God shape your views […]

Life Through Death


Through out his gospel, John has been making a case for belief in Jesus Christ. Through many different images and teachings, Jesus has emerged as the rescuer for the whole […]


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