Born to Live


(From 12/17/17) Often Christmas raises the question of our quality of life. Most commercials ask us if we have enough things or the right things in our life? But if […]

Life in Light of the Resurrection, part 1


What difference does the resurrection make? Does it have any impact on our lives today or is it just something that happened in the past? Christians believe that the resurrection […]

God’s Final Word


Words change us. Our lives have been shaped by them. Maybe many of them have been good, but maybe many of them have brought pain. In Chapter 13:20-21, we hear […]

Dealing with Divisions


We’ve heard before that a house divided against itself will not stand. But how can we prevent division in our lives, in our families, and even in our churches? Consider […]

The Lord Will Provide


We, as a culture, prize sacrifice. We value the sacrifices made by those who serve in the military to protect us. We esteem the sacrifices made by mothers on behalf […]

The Resurrection and the Life


Many of us have been confronted with death. Maybe you’ve lost a loved one and have felt the anguish and emptiness of no longer having that person around. Maybe you’ve […]

Living Water


Christianity is often treated as a set of guidelines for our lives instead of as the Good News that leads us to Christ. How do we replace Christ with moral […]


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