Counting the Cost


In Matthew 10:24-39, Jesus tells us that following him will be difficult. It will be costly – perhaps even very costly. The question is, are we willing to pay the […]

Enduring Faith


When you go through trials, sufferings and difficulties, what do you do? How do you face them? Hebrews 12:1-28 address these very real questions of how we face life’s trials, […]

A Promise Kept


Every human being lives under some set of promises. The character and direction of your life will be governed by the promises under which you live. In this text, Abraham […]

Between Two Advents


In Luke 1:26–38 Gabriel paid a surprising visit to Mary announcing she, a virgin betrothed to marry Joseph, will be with a child; an unordinary child who is the Son […]

How Long Will They Not Believe In Me?


In today’s time everyone wants to feel secure. The feeling of insecurity can be devastating. For some the sense of insecurity is occasional, yet for others it’s an every day […]


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