A Mediator Is Born


In Exodus 2, Israel is enslaved in Egypt. They are oppressed, burdened, afflicted and seemingly without hope of rescue. But then, a child is born, through whom God would bring […]



Most of us learn how to work through the basic forgiveness of little offenses like forgetting to take out the trash, a breach in etiquette, or arriving late for a […]

Will There Be Reconciliation?


50 years ago Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. asked ‘How long’ until there would be reconciliation? A year ago people in Ferguson, Missouri asked, ‘Will there be reconciliation?’ As we […]



Where does all of this heartbreaking news making headlines as of late leave us? What does all of this racial & ethnic strife mean for God’s people? We need to […]

We Have Heard For Ourselves


A he continues to paint his portait of Jesus Christ, John the evangelist sets up a powerful literary contrast between Nicodemus, the Pharisee, and a woman of Samaria. In this […]


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