Liberty to the Captives


Spirituality is very popular today, but what does Scripture say it means to be ‘spiritual’ as a Christian? In Luke 4:14-22, Jesus himself shows us exactly what Christian Spirituality looks […]

Understanding Scripture


When it comes to the Christian life, nothing is more important or decisive than how you engage with and respond to the Word of God. Absolutely everything in your life […]

True Spirituality


Every person, in a certain sense, has been given the gift of life from God. You have air in your lungs, mental capacity, and it’s a gift from God. The […]

Growing Up Together – Part 1


According to the Christian faith, community is the great context of spiritual growth. There are to be no solo artists or lone rangers in God’s church. If you want to […]

Cultivating Spiritual Growth: Prayer


As we think about our lives and the things that we would like to improve, we over deal in the cosmetic realm of life. But there are times when we […]

Barriers to Spiritual Growth


Have you ever considered the reality that, when it comes to our faith, we are often satisfied with a “bare minimum” spirituality? We are often content with a status quo […]

Jacob’s Journey


Many of us have a skewed view of ourselves when it comes to our appearance. But this misperception is heightened when it comes to our perception of our spiritual appearance. […]

Life Through Death


Through out his gospel, John has been making a case for belief in Jesus Christ. Through many different images and teachings, Jesus has emerged as the rescuer for the whole […]

Responding to Jesus


It is significant that, after telling of the raising of Lazarus from the dead, John also captures the response of the family. We are invited in this passage to consider […]

Now I See


Often times, christian lingo and abstraction around believing in Jesus Christ can be confusing or unclear. What exactly does it mean to follow Jesus anyway? What does it look like […]

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