Grace Mosaic is a congregation of Grace Presbyterian Church of Washington, DC (Grace DC). We are a Church network that is committed to being “in and for the city.” After decades of prayer, our Downtown congregation was started in 2003 as a joint initiative between McLean Presbyterian Church and Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City. Learn more about our Grace DC Downtown congregation!

By God’s grace, the community grew in health, numbers, and its love for Washington, DC. But our desire from the start has always been to develop a network of congregations in the District that complement and extend the faithful work of other long-standing, historic churches in this city.


Multiple congregations can serve Washington, DC better than one congregation ever could


In 2009, Grace DC planted its first church in a trio of neighborhoods in Northwest (Columbia Heights, Mount Pleasant, Adams Morgan). Grace Meridian Hill was planted by Duke and Paula Kwon (along with a great team from the Grace DC community living in the area) and has since grown into a healthy, thriving church that resonates with the residents of these neighborhoods. Check out Grace Meridian Hill.

Then, in 2013, the Grace Downtown and Grace Meridian Hill sensed a call to plant another church in Northeast Washington, DC. The Whitfields, along with a wonderful team from Grace DC, were called to start this new work in the neighborhoods that they call home. But you might be thinking: Why all these new churches? Here’s what we’re thinking… The more we have come to know and appreciate our city, the more we are convinced that multiple congregations can serve Washington, DC better than one congregation ever could. Each congregation can tailor its community to the unique needs and people of our diverse neighborhoods. With each new congregation, we can provide a new level of accessibility to real people in our city (many of whom find church irrelevant, confusing, and intimidating). Not only this, but each new congregation has the opportunity to give fresh expression to the Christian faith through its particular make up, diversity of gifts and unique vibe. We are excited to play a small part in the big work that God is doing in this great city.