Grace Mosaic is a new church in Northeast DC. Our hope is to create an accessible, worshipping community that people from any and every culture, socioeconomic distinction, and spiritual outlook can call home.

We are committed to the historic Christian faith, but we hope to be a fresh expression of that faith, a community that reflects our city — we would really love to meet you in person to share more about our vision.

What are we all about?

Well, it’s all in our name! We are all about Grace. Grace is the simple but profound message at the center of the Christian faith. Here’s the deal: you may be under the impression that you must live a “good life” or perform well for God in order to win his love and blessing. Maybe you think that church is sort of like a club for “good people” who have their act together. Nothing could be further from the truth!

The good news of God’s Grace is altogether different. God’s love is not really about what you do. God’s love is about what Jesus has already done. We are welcomed into God’s family and receive his love based upon the perfect life, sacrificial death and victorious resurrection of Jesus Christ for us. The message of the gospel is not about you and what you can do for God. It’s about Christ and what he has done for you based upon his own kindness. Jesus came to rescue failures and screw ups. He came to set us free from bondage to guilt, fear and shame so that we could live a very different kind of life. This is the good news of God’s grace! And it’s this message of grace that we want to work out in every area of life (relationships, marriage, work, service, finances…everything!)


The second part of our name is Mosaic.

A mosaic is a beautiful work of art. What’s interesting about this piece of art is that it is made up of many small, broken pieces of some kind of material. These small broken pieces come in different shapes, colors and sizes and they’re not much by themselves. But when they are glued or cemented together by a skilled artist, they make something beautiful.

This is the vision of our community! We are a group made up of many small, broken people. We come in different shapes, colors and sizes- we’re not much by ourselves. But we believe that God, the master artist, can bring us together by his grace, making something beautiful of us. This is what Grace Mosaic is all about and we want you to be a part of the picture that God is making in Northeast DC. So come with your questions. Come with your culture. Come with your loneliness, family drama and needs. We are bringing the same things, expecting that God will meet us in all of the beauty and power of his Grace.


Our Vision at Grace Mosaic is to create…