Children's ministry program

Children are a vital part of the mosaic of our church. The Children’s Ministry at Grace Mosaic partners with families to shepherd children from birth through 5th grade to know, love, and serve Jesus throughout their lives. It is our priority to create a safe and nurturing environment where the love of Christ and the gospel of grace are communicated in all we say and do.

Vision for the Inclusion of Children in our Church Body:

At Grace Mosaic, children are not only recognized as fellow image bearers and worshippers of God, but they are valued as those who point us to Christ in a unique way (Luke 18:15-16, Mark 9:33-37Mark 10:13-16, Matthew 18:1-6). Our church celebrates being “a group made up of many small, broken people [who]… come in different shapes, colors and sizes [and who]…believe that God, the master artist, can bring us together by his grace, making something beautiful of us.” Children are a part of that mosaic. It’s not only the diversity of our cultures, races and backgrounds but also ages that come together to make something beautiful.

This vision shapes our ministry in a number of ways:

Sunday school classes

We desire our children to have places where hear the word of God in their language and build relationships with peers and adult mentors. To this end we offer the following:

      *Denotes age by Jan 31st or September 30th. Children graduate to the next class in January and September.

Vision for Sharing the Gospel with Kids

The Gospel will be at the center of every teaching opportunity we have with kids, from Sunday school to VBS to special gatherings like Kids’ Club. We seek to teach the gospel in every story of the Bible. We want children to come away not with a list of things to do, but in awe of the amazing things God has done. For this reason, we’ve chosen a Sunday school curriculum that teaches through the whole Bible over a 3-year cycle and highlights the ways in which the gospel is evident in each Bible story. While we will discuss how the Bible applies to our lives, the focus will be on God rather than on us. The main point of any passage is not “be like _______,” but rather, “This is who God is!”

We will not focus simply on the memorization of facts (while we will memorize Scripture and children’s catechism questions through song) or encourage competition or achievement. Instead, our main goal is helping the children know God throughout scripture and develop a relationship with him as their Father and Savior.

Vision for Cross-cultural Ministry

We commit to having men and women from all the races, cultures and socio-economic brackets as are present in our congregation teach and lead our children’s programs. We commit to choose curriculum that is approachable to all our children. We will use pictures and music that reflect the diversity of God’s people so that each child can see him or herself in the pictures, music and culture present in children’s ministries.

Vision for Protecting our Children

A vital part of welcoming our children as part of our community is ensuring their safety and making them feel very secure with us. Our interactions with children should be above reproach, and should model for them how they should expect to be treated by others outside our church community. We want to equip our children to recognize appropriate boundaries in relationship and know with certainty that they are in charge of their bodies. By holding firmly to the following guidelines for relationship, we can not only protect our children while they’re in our church, but also hopefully protect them when they’re outside our four walls by modelling what appropriate relationships with adults look like. Please email the Children’s Ministry Coordinator, Melissa Huang, at for a copy of our Child Protection Policy.

Vision for Outreach and Service

Part of being a follower of Christ is sharing the love we’ve received with others. We will provide opportunities for children to look outside of themselves, serve others and share Christ with those who do not know him, and we will equip them to do so.

Contact us

If you have any questions or are interested in participating in children’s ministry, email our Children’s Ministry Coordinator, Melissa Huang.