Community is at the top of the list when it comes to things that we value at Grace Mosaic. We believe that God does some of his most profound work in our lives through the loving and committed relationships we have with others who truly know us and speak God’s grace into our lives. There are different ways to become a part of and maintain community, but the following are the ways in which we seek to connect with one another during a typical week in the life of our church.

Community Groups

Study the Word of God, serve the needs of the neighborhood, and be in prayerful fellowship with the women and men at Grace Mosaic. These groups are be accessible to all, regardless of age, stage of life, or spiritual disposition.

Aside from being great connection points within our community, our groups are also the means by which our leadership learns how to best care for our congregation. It is in these groups that we learn of particular needs and personal situations in which we can be helpful and serve one another for the sake of our congregation’s health.

If you are undecided about joining a group or still have more questions, please contact us via email or come and talk to us on a Sunday morning so that we can try to address any questions you may have.

Men’s Group

Our men’s group provides a space for important conversations about God, life, relationships, and responsibilities to happen on a regular basis between men. We are in the initial stages of forming our men’s group, but our goal is to regularly engage on a common curriculum piece and then break out into smaller groups for further discussion, challenge, and prayer relative to the topic (there may even be an occasional athletic competition). This group is meant to be accessible to all men, regardless of age, stage of life, or spiritual disposition and we welcome all men to participate.

Mom's Group

Mosaic partners with Grace Downtown to help mom's apply the gospel to their role as mothers. 

Email Catherine to get connected. 

You can also connect with other moms in our congregation by joining the Moms of Mosaic Google group. Contact Melissa to be added to the group.