Membership is vital part of God’s design for human relationships. There is a unique freedom and flourishing that only takes place in the context of relational commitment. When you become a member of a local church, you are giving expression to a most beautiful product of the gospel: through union with Jesus Christ, you are united and reconciled to His community. Membership makes a statement of unity, solidarity, and commitment to a particular people and a particular mission.

In essence, membership says: “I am not alone. I’ve been included as a member of God’s community and I belong.”

The Christian community is a family, and we want to make every effort to operate like a family and relate to one another like family. Membership in a local church is a formal way of acknowledging our common identity, mutual love, and faith in Jesus Christ. It formalizes our commitment to grow by way of giving and receiving correction that is in line with the authoritative teaching of Scripture. Membership expresses our commitment to the family of faith. Even when times are tough and our family drives us crazy (you may be able to relate!), we are going to work it out and grow in grace together. By becoming part of our church family, we commit to your spiritual wellbeing and do everything in our power to help you thrive. Our ultimate goal at Grace Mosaic is to see every member mature in Christ, putting the transforming grace and unique glory of God on display.

What’s the Process?

We will offer a membership seminar that explains the vision, values, and beliefs of Grace Mosaic. If you want to move forward with membership after you attend the seminar, we’d like to spend some time getting to know you through a written questionnaire and an interview with the elders of the church — hearing about your faith in Christ and your desire to join the church. Once you’re approved for membership, you will be received formally during a Sunday worship service, taking membership vows and receiving the sacrament of baptism if you haven’t yet been baptized.