Sunday morning worship lead by Pastor Whitfield

In the Christian Church, Sunday mornings are a high point of community gathering. It is a special time where we engage with God and one another, expecting these connections to shape our Monday through Saturday. Everything you see unfolding in a church is a reflection of particular values.

At Grace Mosaic, our hope and prayer is that the primary value you will see reflected is the transforming grace of God for all of life. No need for “church clothes” or a cleaned up act. Come  with your questions, culture, & issues.

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We’re trying to feel and function like a family

When you arrive at Grace Mosaic on a Sunday morning, you will find yourself in an environment full of energy and excitement. You will see the bright and inviting colors of our host church. It’s a very child-friendly setting! You will hear our musicians playing, the buzz of many conversations, and the joyful squeals of our many children! You will be greeted by any number of kind and helpful members of our community- and we actually make it a priority to welcome newcomers into our mix. We’re trying to feel and function like a family. We value authenticity, along with the freedoms and blessings that come from having a diverse group of people who are “real”. People will be dressed according to their own cultural preferences, completely free to come “as they are”. You don’t need “church clothes” to come to Grace Mosaic.

Service begins with a song as we take time to prepare our hearts for worship and then we go from there. During the service, kids are very welcomed. We have many families and we expect kids to do what kids do- talk unexpectedly, cry, scream- it happens, and we get it. But that’s how families work, right?

Schedule of services

We have one service that begins at 9:30am. Our services are approximately an hour and a half long. We try to operate in a very low-pressure, community friendly way. After the sermon, we have a time for questions and answers because we want to be a community that is accessible and honest.

Children’s ministry

Our kids are always welcome and valued participants in our Sunday worship service. We also want our children to have places where they hear the word of God in their language and build relationships with peers and adult mentors. To this end we offer:

*Lesson and activities begin after children are dismissed from worship service. Before this children will have free play.

Children’s classrooms are located on the lower level or to the left as you exit the sanctuary. If you have any questions or are interested in participating in children’s ministry, email our Children’s Ministry Coordinator, Melissa Huang.

You can find more detailed information about Sunday school and our children's ministry vision here.


We are blessed to have a wonderful music team at Grace Mosaic!

We are able to sing songs of many different “flavors” because of the gifts and talents of our musicians. They are professionals who have played their respective instruments for many years and we love them! You can expect the music to be celebratory and engaging. We try to touch on different musical influences, but we do have our own unique sound and aim to be creative in the expression of our worship.

We hope that you will find the music to be as powerful and moving as we do.